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How do I get started?
I am reachable through e-mail or phone. I do my best to contact clients or potential clients with in 24 hours – the next business day (Monday-Friday). I will consult with you for an initial session, up to 30 minutes, to gather information and assessment of your current issues, we can determine the next step collaboratively.
What is the intake process?
You will be emailed account information on my electronic system, including intake privacy practices, informed consent, office policies for electronic signature, and an initial intake questionnaire. These documents are required by the State of California.
Scheduling appointments
I have variable openings that meet the demands of your life–daytime, evening, weekday and weekend options. With that, my schedule fills quickly and is scheduled week-to-week. Simply contact me with your availability and we will go from there.
Payment options and fee

A session is 50 minutes and my fee is $125. A sliding scale may be available based on individual circumstances. I accept cash, checks and all major credit cards for payment.  While I do not take insurance, there still may be other options.  For example, I can provide you a receipt (super bill) each month in which many insurance companies reimburse (less the pre-set co-pay) for “out-of-network” providers.  Please let me know if/how I can assist you in verifying your health insurance or employee benefit plans as it relates to counseling services.

How long do I need to plan on being in counseling?

Every person progresses at their rate. My earnest desire is to help you achieve your goals in a reasonable amount of time. We define your goals together, make and monitor progress in relation to a treatment plan that you agree upon. At times, goals can change so we adjust to meet those needs. You always have the say on what we do and how long. Some people engage for therapy briefly, some for extended periods of time.

What about Client confidentiality and privacy?

At Hope Life Journey, confidentiality is an extremely and important matter. I do my best to protect your privacy. Including using an online therapy system that is HIPAA compliant.

Cancellation and rescheduling appointments
Consistency in attendance is recommended to insure effective treatment progress. Please call at least 24 hours before your session and I will make every attempt to reschedule you that same week but if not we will have to have our appointment the following week. If a scheduled appointment is misses without notification 24 hours in advance, the session will be billed.

Every journey starts with the first step. Let me help you make yours.